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How am I doing with Kaon here? Leave me your crits! I eat them with my cereal in the morning.

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Backtagging: This is awesome, and I totally welcome it.
Threadhopping: Ahhhhhh sure, as long as it's reasonable and doesn't interrupt anything super-intense.
Fourthwalling: You can certainly try...? Although if it's something classified that only the DJD would know, you can probably expect interrogation.
Offensive subjects: I don't really do excessive gore, but otherwise, I'm fine with most everything. If something does come up, I'll tell you.


Hugging this character: He'd prefer you not, unless he knows you. Even then, feel free to give it a try if you don't mind mild electric shocks in response.
Kissing this character: Run this by me, first. By default, you can expect the answer to be "no'.
Flirting with this character/Relationships: If you don't expect it to go anywhere, casual flirting is fine, although Kaon will probably shoot it down. For relationships, I prefer talking first, unless it's a crackship.
Fighting with this character: Go for it! Kaon prefers to stay out of physical combat, but he can definitely hold his own if the situation calls for it.
Injuring this character: Life-threatening injuries should be run by me, first, but everything else is fair game!
Killing this character: No, unless it's in a setting where death isn't permanent. Even then, run it by me, first.
Using Telepathy/Mind reading/Mindwiping: Telepathy/mind-reading is okay! Talk to me about mindwiping.
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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Mayalex
*Your Journal: [personal profile] mayamali 
*Age: 19!
*Contact Information: Mayalex @ Plurk, mayamayamali @ AIM
*Characters already in the game: Blitzwing (TFA), Veser Amaker Hatch
Read more... )


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